Mapping Business and Marketing Requirements to Analytics Reporting

Web Analytics VisionWe provide the web analytics, marketing consulting and technical expertise that unites your marketing and business goals with web traffic, mobile and social media reporting.

We deliver web analytics strategy by generating:

  • identification of web analytics stakeholders and their business goals
  • translation of those needs into conversion optimization indicators that provide insight into the success of online marketing goals
  • specific web analytics expertise needed to discriminate between rich marketing analysis and over-saturation of data.

Often this strategic planning phase–what type of reporting, how much and for whom–will play large in the ultimate success of the analytics effort.

Deployment Strategy

In addition to the above challenges, many customers must manage a complex, even worldwide web analytics roll-out; with multiple agencies, reporting constituencies, architecture teams and marketers all involved at once. Technology Leaders’ web analytics expertise helps you plan and implement global governance and standards strategies for web analytics, including the measurement of mobile platforms and social media.

We work with organizations to establish enterprise-wide:

  • guidelines for report structure
  • nomenclature
  • taxonomy
  • tagging integrity
  • KPI definitions
  • report constituencies
  • implementation guidelines

By utilizing our strategic inputs, you can save wasted effort and concentrate on answering business questions in a way that is meaningful to marketing and business decision makers.

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