Defining Key Performance Indicators

Defining KPIsDeciding what to measure and why to measure it is of primary importance.  We’ll spend time with your stakeholders to understand what they will need from analytics in order to drive decisions. Drawing on our domain experience, we’ll map those customer business goals to web analytics reporting. Technology Leaders streamlines this process in order to isolate the following:

  • Web Traffic Measurement for specific site-type (Content, E-Commerce, Lead Generation, Self-Service)
  • Web Traffic Measurement throughout the Customer Lifecycle (Reach, Engage, Convert, Retain)

The result is an understanding of what types of reports are needed for a particular site-type in a particular stage of the customer life-cycle.

While the above offers a framework for strategic planning, our KPI definitions are very specific and in accordance to customer business goals. Technology Leaders creates new KPI maps for each site for each customer and designs tagging and online marketing analytics to show performance of the measured site against each Key Indicator.