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The Amazing Underpowered World of Web Analytics
Andrew Edwards | April 22nd, 2011

The condition of web analytics today is a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma.

The superiority of measurable media, loudly proclaimed as the very reason why ads have gone to the web, and the reason why news printed on dead trees is itself dead or dying, and the reason why bookstores and record stores are going the way of the pterosaur; despite these loud claims, measurement itself is notorious across the land for its shallowness, its lack of accuracy, its general state of brokenness and dissatisfaction.
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Web Analytics: Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail
Andrew Edwards | April 12th, 2011

..based on facts observed on the ground, in real customer situations, it is less likely that “best practices” are well understood than that they are completely missing in even some of the most advanced enterprises undertaking analytics today.
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Is This the Year Madmen and Analytics at Last Get Married?
Andrew Edwards | March 24th, 2011

Yesterday I attended the OmmaMedia Analytics conference in New York. Typically this event draws lots of ad-tention from ad people on M-ad-ison Avenue and this year was no exception.
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Why Old Media Is Drowning in New Media Water
Andrew Edwards | March 09, 2010

Traditional media folks — those at big print outfits, especially — are hoping Steve Jobs will have saved their jobs by coming up with a device that will do for print what the iPod did for music.
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Tag, You’re “It” (2)
Andrew Edwards | March 16th, 2011 

In a former post (‘Tag, You’re ‘It’ (1)”), I discussed some of the technical ways in which the all-important task of tagging can become bogged down in developer cycles and thus in some way stand between the user and good reporting.
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Engaged at Engage (WebTrends)
Andrew Edwards | March 8th, 2011 

If “engagement is the marketing buzzword of the decade” as imedia’s Doug Schumacher has said, then I guess I just went to the decade’s most buzzworthy event? It was, after all, called “Engage”, hosted by the venerable WebTrends in San Francisco last week.
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5 Steps to Web Optimization Success
Andrew Edwards  |  March 7th, 2011 

It seems nearly every confab of analytics folks (or digital marketing folks) features at least one and sometimes more than one “marketing book” on offer as a giveaway or a “show special”.
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The Revolution and Facebook (2)
Andrew Edwards  |  February 16th, 2011

A couple of weeks back when Egypt was in uproar, folks were saying it was because of Facebook. I was saying it was not.
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AolHuffPo: Critical Victory for Web Analytics?
Andrew Edwards  | February 7th, 2011

About a year ago I was at a conference where Huffington Post’s head of Analytics was talking about how they used data coming off their site, which had just passed the Washington Post in online viewership.
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The Revolution will not be on Facebook
Andrew Edwards  | January 31st, 2011

…or at least not the part where the dictator does the perp walk on his way to paradise in a lofty chalet somewhere far, far from the Pyramids.
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