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4 Ways to Improve Analytics by Getting the Easy Stuff Right
Andrew Edwards | November 19, 2012

Making sure you audit, kill zombie profiles, stay true to yourself, and get properly trained will bring noticeable improvements in analytics.
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Shut Down Your Website
Andrew Edwards | October 22, 2012

Think differently! Not by abandoning your URL entirely, but by cutting back drastically the time and effort you spend on the web, leaving only a stub site – maybe of the old-fashioned “brochure-ware” type that everyone used to have. This is just so folks can say, “Oh yes, they exist.” Completing the sale will be up to you. Just like always.

It sounds pretty drastic, but here’s why I say it isn’t beyond consideration.
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Tag Management Hits the Big Time
Andrew Edwards | October 8, 2012

Tag creation and placement has become complex and time consuming. Expertise in tagging is not common. Continuing audits of tagging is recommended but less frequent than it should be.A few days ago Google announced a “tag management” tool.
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The Tracking Meme and Its Perils
Andrew Edwards | Sep 24, 2012

Shouldn’t content contributors cooperate a little more willingly with technology providers as they try to understand how their own creations can be improved?
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Web Analytics Maturity: 3 Signs on the Road to Success
Andrew Edwards | Sep 10, 2012

Is your organization still compartmentalizing web analytics away from other marketing measurement? You may have some catching up to do. As you start on that process, look for these three signs.
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5 Free or Near Free Web Analytics Tools Besides Google
Andrew Edwards | July 30, 2012

While the Adobes of the world continue to rack up customer wins and even Google Premium soaks up a few dollars from enterprises that need a service-level agreement; and while “GA Certified” seems almost a golden ticket in the Willy Wonka chocolate contest, there are several options that are neither costly nor Google.
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