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The Curse of Too Much Data
Andrew Edwards | May 18th, 2011

Few marketers know of the mountainous treasure trove of data available to them via the use of web analytics. Many are surprised when, having deployed an analytics tool, data comes at them in a gusher. It often seems too much, too fast, and is more often than not, little understood. Web analytics can easily become too much of a good thing. It can also be inaccurate, misleading, overloading, confusing, even paralyzing.
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Is Your Agency Ready for Web Analytics?
Andrew Edwards | April 18th, 2011

Until evidence was presented to me this year at certain digital marketing events, I had long understood the crossroads where agency meets analytics to be not unlike the crossroads where guitar picker meets the devil: legendary, but doubtful and not wholly convincing in its result (except for rare genius).
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Measuring Web Activity with…Photoshop?
Andrew Edwards | September 21st, 2009

Don’t get me wrong—I love Photoshop. I’ve used it for many years with great satisfaction. I also love Omniture’s suite of web analytics products. I’ve used them for years (almost entirely on behalf of customers) with great satisfaction.
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The Cookie Monster—Is it Eating Your Privacy?
Andrew Edwards | September 10th, 2009

Cookies are a foundational part of accurate web analytics. They let us marketers recognize returning visitors and allow us to perform some very useful tasks, such like as user segmentation and path analysis, without which we’d have to consider ourselves rather primitive digital marketers indeed.
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Painting the Enterprise Picture with Google Analytics
Andrew Edwards | July 22nd, 2009

A recent Forrester report indicated that a rather large percentage of enterprises are using Google somewhere, somehow. I don’t doubt it. But what I do know is that there are very few enterprises relying today on Google for their main analytics effort.
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Fox in the Henhouse: Should You Trust Your Agency with Analytics
Andrew Edwards | June 15th, 2009

Advertising agencies—and especially digital agencies—are among the most fascinating companies in the world. They are staffed (most of the time) by whip-smart, sometimes arrogant, fun, creative, young, attractive people.
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Google (Analytics) Comes Marching in with You Right Behind
Andrew Edwards | June 1st, 2009

Free is a magical word. It sprinkles fairy dust everywhere it goes. It can open the mind of even the stoniest corporate curmudgeon. It can spark a flicker of hope in even the most cost-averse marketing department that maybe, just maybe, they can get real, actionable web analytics without having to pay for it.
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